SQLearn becomes an executive partner of Cruise Line International

Posted on September 27, 2022 at 2:52 PM by

The Maritime Executive

SQLearn is pleased to announce that it has joined Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) as a Gold Executive Partner. SQLearn has already successfully served cruise ship crew members with the basic STCW training courses required for their career on cruise ships.

STCW training is delivered through fully interactive e-learning courses designed and developed by SQLearn. Having extensive experience and a large library of online CBT modules, SQLearn offers flag-approved training on STCW Basic Training, Cyber ​​Security, Food Safety, Security Awareness, Instructor Training, Security Awareness the environment and more.

As an executive partner, SQLearn will be able to work with CLIA to rebuild and fortify the positive image of the industry and help accelerate the return of CLIA members to pre-pandemic levels of prosperity.

“We hope CLIA cruise lines will benefit from this new STCW training experience, as it allows marine and non-marine cruise crew members to complete the STCW training required to be qualified professionals and join ships remotely, thus saving time and money and not disrupting their career,” says Antonis Fringas, CEO of SQLearn. “Training can be taken exclusively online, at home or even on board, which offers complete flexibility and is ideal given the continued impact of restrictions on the accessibility of traditional educational resources for seafarers and other cruise ship crew members. Additionally, our approach to training helps companies reduce their carbon footprint and furthers the decarbonization strategy adopted by the cruise ship industry.”

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