Stanborough Lake Testing Welwyn Garden City Sailors


The whims of sailing at Stanborough Lake were at their peak this week in the final round of racing at the Welwyn Garden City Sailing Club.

The wind was blowing one way and then the other and sometimes not at all to test the skills of the sailors.

Annette Walter leads Alex Shelley in slow motion races.

The slow fleet was caught up early in the first chase race but still did well and the fast boats stopped when the wind died down and were overtaken by Mike Caddy coming in from behind.

He continued and almost caught up with Annette Walter before the mermaid left.

Charles Adams moved away from the slow pack to take third place.

Alex Shelley ahead of Charles Adams

Alex Shelley is ahead of Charles Adams.

The first runners in the second pursuit race got ahead and were not caught by any of the fast boats.

The leaders had a close race until Adams and Alex Shelley had to take penalties as the boats clashed around one of the marks on the course.

Walter took the win with Adams who ultimately knocked out Shelley to finish second.

Roger Morse managed to catch up and almost caught up to Adams on the siren but had to settle for third place.