Star Trek: Prodigy gives Starfleet a major upgrade

As the cast of Star Trek: Prodigy explore their new spaceship, the Protostar, they discover a significant upgrade marking a huge leap forward in Starfleet technology.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1, Episode 2, “Starstruck,” streaming now on Paramount +.

With the new Star Trek animated series Star Trek: Prodigy Soaring into the wilderness of the Delta Quadrant, the motley crew of marginalized youth requisitioned an abandoned Starfleet ship known as the Protostar. And after successfully escaping the harsh mining planet of Tars Lamora and the clutches of his brutal leader, the Soothsayer, the de facto crew finally get the chance to properly explore their new home as they navigate the cosmos. And one of those discoveries marks a major technological upgrade for Starfleet that is fully functional in Protostar systems.

With the Protostar crew led by self-proclaimed teenager Dal, the children decide to detain Gwyn, the Soothsayer’s daughter who chased them on the ship before he left Tars Lamora, in the Protostar brig. And when the Protostar’s maiden voyage with its new crew runs into trouble when they accidentally plot a course directly into a dwarf star’s powerful gravity well, the disruption of the ship’s systems results in Gwyn’s inadvertent release. Sneaking into the Protostar’s shuttle bay, Gwyn discovers a replicator advanced enough to craft an entire ship in place in minutes, which would allow him to leave the Protostar and return to his father on Tars Lamora.

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Replicators have been a staple in the franchisee since Star Trek: The Original Series, although they were primarily used to create food for the crew, instantly and perfectly made to order in a Starfleet mess. The technology behind the replicators has been explained as being an advanced material converter capable of apparently producing food and drink out of thin air in seconds and has helped the United Federation not only overcome hunger, but have contributed to a much of the Federation rendering. conventional monetary systems are obsolete because they have become a civilization of plenty.

Prodigy marks the visible beginnings of a replicator; However, unlike food replicators which seem to virtually diffuse in requested food orders from the air into its confined food prep area within seconds, the ship replicator is a more complex process and a bit longer. Gwyn programs the replicator to create a small ship for him to escape, but the process takes a few minutes and, in the ensuing skirmish against Protostar’s security chief, Rok, the area where the ship is underway. preparation leads to additional complications in combat as the frame of the requested ship gradually falls into place around them. This makes the Ship Replicator more conform to something like a 3D printer than the food replicators which obviously don’t have as many moving parts in them.

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Historically, Starfleet ships are already stocked with a number of shuttles whenever personnel need to be picked up or left the main ship other than just sticking with the transport systems, for whatever reason. Ship Replicator reveals that Starfleet can now produce an entire fleet of small ships in minutes, rendering conventional shuttles obsolete while taking replicator technology to the next level, revolutionary and likely to resurface in the Star Trek universe by as a franchise. continues to advance boldly.

To see how the replicators work in this animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy airs on Paramount +, with new episodes released on Thursdays.

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