Sustainable Themes Help UNSW Sweep Global Grade 6 Subject Rankings

Appearing in 52 out of 54 research disciplines, UNSW Sydney swept the prestigious ShanghaiRanking’s Global Academic Subject Rankings (GRAS) for the sixth consecutive year, largely due to its focus on sustainable themes.

Globally, UNSW and the University of British Columbia had the most subjects included in the list. For the extent of quality research worldwide, UNSW ranked first or equal first for the sixth consecutive year.

Key Achievements of UNSW Sydney:

  • 10 topics ranked first in Australia this year
  • Two UNSW subjects are in the global top 10 – mining and mineral engineering and water resources – both in 10th place
  • 21 subjects in the top 50, more than any other Australian institution

UNSW ranked first in Australia in Water Resources, Library and Information Science, Remote Sensing, Civil Engineering, Psychology, Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Atmospheric Science , electrical and electronic engineering and chemistry.

ShanghaiRanking’s World Academic Subject Rankings has been publishing World University Rankings by Academic Subjects since 2009. The 2022 edition rated 5,000 universities in 54 subjects in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences and social sciences.

Professor Nicholas Fisk, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Enterprise, congratulated the university community on its achievements.

“Today’s findings underscore the breadth, depth and consistency of UNSW research across nearly every discipline. To be up there as the most comprehensive university in the world for six years in a row is a remarkable achievement. Such firepower in both HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) positions UNSW as a multidisciplinary powerhouse to address the grand challenges of the planet,” said Professor Fisk. .

UNSW subjects ranked in the top 50 (world ranking):

  • Water Resources (10)
  • Mining and Mining Engineering (10)
  • Library and Information Science (12)
  • Remote sensing (17)
  • Civil Engineering (20)
  • Oceanography (20)
  • Psychology (25)
  • Energy Science and Engineering (25)
  • Telecommunications Engineering (26)
  • Transportation Science and Technology (26)
  • Finance (29)
  • Marine/Ocean Engineering (33)
  • Mechanical Engineering (36)
  • Atmospheric Sciences (37)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (37)
  • Public health (39)
  • Metallurgical Engineering (42)
  • Aerospace Engineering (45)
  • Environmental Science and Engineering (48)
  • Science & Technology Instruments (49)
  • Earth Sciences (49)

Photo: UNSW