These Pokemon x Sailor Moon Psyduck figures deserve to be official

Independent figure retailer FavorGK has presented a fun series of figures that combine Sailor Moon with the most confusing Pokemon around, Psyduck.

This particular collab of the popular magical girl and psychic duck series is an unofficial collab from independent figure maker YAYA Studios, but you can’t tell at first glance. The figures feature Psyduck disguised as various Sailor Moon characters, including Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupitor, Sailor Mercury, and of course Sailor Moon herself.


Although the numbers may not be official, the “Sailor Venus Cosplay Psyduck” is actually available for purchase, costing you $94.99, not including shipping. Obviously, that’s quite expensive for a figure about 13cm tall, but again, this is an independently crafted figure.

It’s unknown if any minifigures are currently planned for the other Sailor scouts to have their own minifigures, but their designs seem pretty complete. The one we haven’t seen is Sailor Mars, who is very obviously the mysterious figure that has a question mark on it in the promo image.

The figure is limited to 168 pieces, so if you’re interested in one, you should probably act fast. Currently, the estimated shipping date is around the fourth quarter, around December. But with global shipping issues, it might be later than that. If they ship when expected, they’ll be more or less on time to coincide with the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on November 18.

FavorGK also has a number of other non-Sailor Moon themed Pokemon figures and statues, all of which look very well made.

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