Tom Cruise withdraws from cinematic space race after Russians beat him | Hollywood


Tom Cruise had previously announced that he would be making an action movie in space this year. While he would have become the first star to do so, a film crew for a Russian movie came out ahead of him.

Tom Cruise’s plan to become the first actor to shoot a movie in space came to an end on Tuesday after a Russian film crew announced they were heading to the International Space Station to begin filming a show. titled The Challenge.

A Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft took off at 4:55 a.m. ET on October 5 in Kazakhstan with Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, actor Yulia Peresild and film producer Klim Shipenko to the International Space Station, NASA has revealed.

According to a CNN report, Peresild said, “Everything was new to us today, every 30 seconds brought in something entirely new. It’s almost impossible to think that all of this has come true. I also have the ‘impression of still dreaming. ” The team is expected to spend 12 days in the space station.

Peresild and Shipenko are scheduled to return to Earth aboard another Soyuz spacecraft on October 16, landing in Kazakhstan just after midnight ET the next day. The project marks “the expansion of commercial space opportunities to include the making of feature films,” NASA said in a statement.

The Challenge, which will premiere on Channel One in Russia, becomes the first feature film to be shot in space. The development comes months after Tom brokered a deal with Elon Musk’s NASA and SpaceX to shoot a $ 200 million space action film, directed by Doug Liman.

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According to a tweet from Space Shuttle Almanac, Tom’s stay in the space station was due to take place in October, but no definitive date for its launch has yet been revealed.

Tom, who is currently filming for Mission: Impossible 8, recently made headlines after reports revealed he was learning to fly an 80-year-old military plane for the film. This will be the third film in the MI series directed by Christopher McQuarrie and is scheduled for release on May 27, 2022.

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