Tourist attraction: MSP welcomes Greenck cruise terminal project

MSP Jamie Greene said the new cruise ship terminal under construction in Greenock will transform the tourism outlook for the region.

Construction is underway as part of a £ 19.2million development that will accommodate passengers and crew from some of the world’s largest and most luxurious ships in Inverclyde.

The project, led by Inverclyde Council, is part of the £ 1 billion Glasgow City Region City Deal funded by the UK and Scottish governments, with contributions from Peel Ports (£ 8million), Greenock Ocean operators Existing terminal and the George Wyllie. Foundation via the Dunard Trust (£ 1.5m).

The development is expected to bring visitors to some 150,000 passengers per year and provide a £ 26million boost to the Scottish economy.

The dedicated cruise ship reception center will feature an arrivals / departures hall as well as a museum honoring the late world-renowned artist George Wyllie, who worked as a customs officer in Greenock and lived for many years in Gourock, and a large restaurant-end and roof terrace with panoramic views over the River Clyde.

It is expected to be completed by summer 2022.

Mr. Greene said: “This revolutionary new visitor center will give our region a massive boost, creating jobs, boosting tourism and attracting foreign investment.

“This project will also be a great opportunity for us to showcase the best of Inverclyde and give visitors a real taste of our culture, heritage and rich history.

“It also comes at a particularly difficult time, as the pandemic has hit us disproportionately and damaged our local economy, and I want to thank everyone involved at all levels for making this possible.”

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