Trash Sailors will be released on PC on December 16


Hey, buddies! A tsunami of trash has flooded the world, littering old sofas, broken TVs, dead blenders, and a heap of other trash all over the world. Team up with up to three other teammates via online and local multiplayer to navigate the dirty waters. Fight robot sharks, a Trashkraken and other muddy monsters while keeping the raft together… and avoid getting eaten.

Now the world’s most valuable currency, waste is used as fuel and materials to repair the not-so-perfect parts of the ship. Drift through smelly swamps, sunken towns and icy waters while fishing for abandoned items. Cast a wide net to collect pirate cards unlocking new levels and treasure chests filled with golden screws. Spend them on buying power-ups including powerful laser guns, bright lights to keep giant spiders at bay, or cosmetic items – even Earthlings know everyone needs a fancy flag!

Survive the maelstroms by assigning different tasks to sailors: every ship needs a captain, just like it needs fuel too. The crocodiles eating the raft (and sometimes the crew) must be treated, and the parts must be restored to avoid sinking. Face off against arctic pirates, avoid buildings and ships, and try to end the day with your friendships intact. However, surviving an ocean of insane garbage might be an easier feat. Marine waste is a ridiculously fun experience in a world of colorful cartoons.