US military trains crew of PCG ship Gabriela Silang in tactical combat casualty care – Manila bulletin


The United States Civil Military Training Unit (United States) and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) recently completed a three-day training course aimed at improving the crew capacity of the Coast Guard’s largest vessel country to respond to medical emergencies at sea.

US-PCG TRAINING – The Civilian-Philippines Military Support Element conducted tactical combat casualty care training with the Philippine Coast Guard from October 21-24, 2021. (Photo courtesy of the Embassy from the United States to the Philippines)

From October 21 to 24, the Civilian Military Support Element-Philippines (CMSE-PHL) conducted a tactical combat casualty care training with officers and crew from the BRP Gabriela Silang of the PCG and medics from the PCG Nursing Corps. .

The training was designed to reflect real medical situations likely to be encountered by the crew of the BRP Gabriela Silang and ended with an exercise designed to replicate a real maritime law enforcement boarding operation.

The scenario trainees boarded a suspicious ship, underwent a mock victim during their search, and carried out treatment and medical evacuation to the BRP Gabriela Silang.

Maritime law enforcement boarding operations are generally carried out by the PCG as part of its maritime security functions.

“Whether it’s helping the people of Palawan with COVID-19 relief or medical training that will help us save lives, our important and enduring partnership with CMSE Philippines has been one of our strongest ties. more valuable, ”said Cdr. Rolando Lorenzana, commander of BRP Gabriela Silang.

According to CMSE-PHL, the training enhanced the medical capabilities of BRP Gabriela Silang’s crew while working in a wide range of environments during maritime operations.

It was also designed to enhance the ability of the PCG to respond to maritime security and search and rescue operations.

“Every opportunity we have to train with the Philippine Coast Guard becomes a learning experience for our entire team,” said Master Sgt. Brandon Gonzalez, CMSE-PHL medical sergeant.

“The level of professionalism and dedication to their unique skills is something we have continually witnessed, which makes us look forward to further engaging and expanding our combined capabilities together,” added Gonzalez.

In early October, the US military also trained PCG men in northeast Luzon in tactical combat casualty care training.

This training partnership illustrates the relationship between the United States and the Philippines in promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific region by strengthening maritime law enforcement and maritime search and rescue capabilities.