VIDEO: New supplier Fast Crew aims to be a game-changer


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Nick blenkey

Damen’s new Fast Crew supplier carries more people. faster and over longer distances

After five years of market consulting, research, design, engineering and construction, the first of Damen’s revolutionary class Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011 has completed its sea trials off the coast of Turkey and is about to begin its passage in the Netherlands. 74-meter, 40-knot, 122-passenger crew change vessel is designed to provide new options for the offshore energy market

According to Damen, the FCS 7011, in combination with the latest Ampelmann work access system, represents the very latest thinking in maritime access. Its objective is to meet the challenges posed by the unpredictability of the price of oil and increasingly competitive renewable energies. As a cost-effective crew transport solution offering the highest levels of comfort and safety, it offers a viable alternative to helicopter transport and has already generated considerable interest from customers in the southern North Sea, from the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and West Africa.

The business case is based on its ability to transfer much larger numbers of personnel over longer distances at higher speeds. This opens the door to moving away from daily rate structures towards a pay-per-trip model and, potentially, vessel sharing, whereby multiple offshore facilities can be served in a single round trip, thus allowing substantial savings in time and operational costs.

With travel times of up to 12 hours, comfort and safety are essential. To achieve this, the design incorporates the Damen Sea Ax bow, the positioning of the housings just aft of the amidships and interceptors installed at the rear of the ship, all to minimize the sensations of movement as it moves. in the sea. The FCS 7011 also has a range of motion compensation technologies to optimize the safety of crew transfers. These include a Kongsberg DP system, bespoke Ampelmann gangway and VEEM gyro-stabilizer, working alongside MTU main engines, Hamilton hydrojets, Danfoss shaft generators, Reintjes gearboxes and Veth bow thrusters. . The result is a tightly integrated advanced control system capable of delivering and receiving personnel safely in a wide range of sea conditions.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the Ampelmann Gateway System will be installed, making the FCS 7011 ready for fully integrated proof-of-concept testing in the North Sea. By joining forces to bring the vessel to market, Damen and Ampelmann have combined Damen’s decades of experience in the design and construction of crew change vessels with the cutting-edge expertise of Ampelmann.